About Signal

Signal is a set of digital products that help improve project management in construction. We help to reduce the time of taking management decisions for owners, representatives of technical customers, project managers. We take full advantage of BIM technology.

Our user's account is a new standard of management reporting on construction.


Signal Inspection

360° Photo service


Signal Dashboard



Signal Value

Autodesk BIM 360 application extensions

Link your office and construction site

Nothing is more expensive in construction than lost time. Signal products will help you reduce the time needed to make a management decision.

Ensure daily monitoring of the situation on the construction site, monitor the construction dynamics, ensure order on the site and comply with security measures.

Perform a remote site inspection as if your specialist were on site.

Reduce the number of exits on-site for specialists and managers. They will always get the necessary data through panoramic photos and ask further questions to the building control.

Discover Signal Power Pack modules


Analytical management dashboard

A clear understanding of the situation on the construction site
Transparent management, clear metrics, plan/fact comparison
Uniform reporting standard for all construction sites of the requisitioner
Relevant data in any place, on any device
20+ types of infographics developed by hundreds of customers over the years



Visual monitoring of the actual situation at the construction site
Remote inspection capability
Reduction in the number of on-site visits by managers and specialists


BIM 360 Plugin Set

Flexible backup from Autodesk cloud storage
Formation of prescriptions following the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation
History of work on comments on the project
Managing the relevance of documentation through QR codes
Other possibilities

We offer



Operational reporting.

Plan/fact by type of work.

Resources control.



Photographic recording of work scope performed.

The construction site log.

Construction site safety control.



Adapt BIM 360 Docs for construction site.

Power Pack

Connect all the features of Signal Power Pack modules.



How Signal works

Leave a demo request of the mobile solution. Our team representative will contact you for a detailed online feature presentation based on your business needs.

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About Us

We are engineers who have increased our processes' efficiency with digital solutions and ready to help this market companies' digital transformation.

In 2019, a group of BIM engineers began actively implementing construction site Information Modeling benefits, introducing them into everyday practice. Faced with the difficulties and lack of functionality in BIM 360 Docs, it decided to establish a new IT company to develop services, which solve real projects' main tasks on the construction site. So we've got a family of digital products called Signal. One of Signal's first clients is Severin Development, which introduced the product into its workflow. Signal is a Russian IT company whose primary value is the clients' success.

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